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E   -   C   O   M   M   E   R   C   E
24 hour self-management e-Store. (Browser-based Control System)
Easy... & ... Quick DIY (Do-It-Yourself) ...
Let you ... "Open an e-Store within a minute !!"
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Real-time Payment
direct connectivity is
now on service.
Now, the best e-Store of eComBot
has retail sales volume more than

2 million bahts per month!

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Thai Domain

InterNIC Standard
(No program download)
DIY Hotel-Tour Web Site
with Online Reservation
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e-Commerce Kit
Only 250.- Baht/month
or 500.- Baht/3 months
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Easy way to make money
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Register today and get your e-Store Free for One Month !!
The features & facilities you will get :
Store Front :
a lot of web page templates & self hosting
Online Catalog Database :
40 - 450 products and more with unlimited attribute(s).
Shopping Cart Systems :
easy looking, pop-up, e-x-commerce (for export sale), etc.
DIY Menu Linkage :
All menus of your e-Store can link your web site's menu or anywhere you like.
Real-time Credit Card Payment Direct Connectivity :
Serves who already has a Shopping Cart and wants to connect directly with our Real-time/Online Credit Card Payment System.
Secure (Real-Time) Payment System :
Verisign, CryptBot™, Visa, Master,
JCB, SCB and Transfer payment Support. You don't need to have any account with any bank.
Transportation System
(DIY Customization)
You have choices to use either the standard shipping cost of DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT and EMS or Yourown defined shipping cost. Also, you can select your shipping cost calculation method, show price included shipping cost or calculate it after shopping method, and select the way to weight your product(use actual weight and/or volume weight) for calculating.
Order Tracking System :
buyer tracking, transaction editor, transportation tracking etc.
Web Promotion :
volume discount (for each product and/or total purchased volume), semi-auto search engine registration support, etc.
DIY Customization :
You can do Do-It-Yourself (DIY) web pages and link them with our online catalog and e-commerce system; product by product and rearrange our templates with any programming scripts you like.
Sales Report & Statistics :
sales volume, product quantity, transaction report, etc.
Translating System :
Every e-Store has been equipped with the translator for translating your content into your customer languages.
Accounting Support :
VAT system, Export vs. Domestic sale

** Are the rental fee of Real-time Payment Direct Connectivity service only (not includes the online catalog and shopping cart services) and the member must pay the Real-time payment system setup / member fee as well.
To learn more about e-ComBot™, please read our FAQ or visit Demonstration e-Store or see list of your neighbor e-Stores.
In case you would like to customize your e-Store please visit the one-stop E-Commerce at Maxcyber®

Need more information, please e-mail us at or call us at
+66 2587 5400, +66 2587 9380-83, +66 2587-9385-86, Fax 0 2587 9388-89.

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Standard Price of eComBot™ Package
  • 40 products : 490.- baht/month
  • 80 products : 750.- baht/month
  • 120 products : 1,000.- baht/month
  • 200 products : 1,500.- baht/month
  • 320 products : 2,000.- baht/month
  • 450 products : 2,500.- baht/month
  • e-Mall version : 24,200.- baht/month
    (5,000 products/100 e-Stores)
  • eCommerce + Host Package
    Real-time Payment Direct Connectivity **
  • 500 transactions : 300.- baht/month
  • 1,000 transactions : 500.- baht/month
    Real-time payment system setup / member fee
  • Case I : use eComBot™'s credit card service :
    1,000.- baht/year + 5% (excl. VAT) + 15.- baht of each transaction, or
  • Case II : use your own e-Store's credit card : 4,000.- baht (one time)
    No special system & IT knowledge required.

    This is the easy and cost-saving way to have your e-commerce instantly. Our features and facilities are continuously upgraded and new ones will be added. You can use them at any time. So you are always one step ahead !!

    S       E       R       V       I       C       E       S
    e-Store   Creation   Service
    There are 2 ways to "Create Your e-Store instantly" :
    (for the Normal e-Store with Online Catalog & Shopping Cart only)

    (In case you want to use only the Real-time Payment Direct Connectivity Service, please select the service in the next section.)
    I   Online Registration/Sign-up !! Go!
    II   Unlocking an e-Store with Secret Codes Go!

    (which are available in eComBot™ Kit (sell by our dealers), at our seminar courses and/or our sales promotion activities.)

    Edit   Your   e-Store   Service
    This is the service for merchants who already have their e-Store or Real-time Payment Connectivity account to edit/add their company, product and transaction information. Also, they can make a sales report here!! If you are one of our registered merchants, Go! ahead to edit your e-Store.
    Real-time Payment Direct Connectivity Service
    (for whom that already have their own Shopping Cart Systems)
    This service is for whom that already have their own Shopping Cart Systems and want to use only our Real-time/Online Credit Card Payment System and doesn't want to use the Online Catalog and Shopping Cart of eComBot™. You can use it by sending some value and parameters of your customer orders/transactions to our system which will forward them to the online credit card approval system. If you don't have your own Shopping Cart System, please use our standard eComBot™ system which credit card payment system has already included, by registering at the "e-Store Creation Service" section above. Want to use this service please click Go! or just make an Online Sign-Up here !!
    Membership   (Monthly   Service)   Renewal   Service
    You need to renew your membership before its expiration. If your e-Store is automatically closed due to expiration of your membership, you can use this sevice here to renew and re-open your e-Store. Please select one of your service type below.
  • For Normal e-Store Rental (Online Catalog, Shopping Cart & e-Payment) Go!
  • For Real-time Payment Direct Connectivity Rental Only Go!
  • More   Product   Adding   Service
    If the standard packages of 40 - 450 products is not enough to serve your e-Store, you can add more products with lots of 15 products here!! Go!

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